Level Payment Plans Give Customers More Control

Last winter wasn’t that bad…. The Farmer’s Almanac says winter could be the worst in years…. Must be climate change for sure, the last few winters have been so mild…. They’re calling for snow in June!?

If any of these sound like you then we can relate. The uncertainty of winter always leaves us guessing. The past two winters have been luckily mild, but just a few short years ago we were stuck with one of the coldest winters in Western PA history, battling what seemed to be a new phenomenon called a ‘polar vortex’. For propane users the frigid temperatures only added to the stress of the national propane shortage in 2014.

Level Payment Plans are right for any type of winter

Regardless of what winter brings, our level payment plan is designed to benefit our customers regardless of what type of winter lies ahead. For cold and harsh winters our customers stay ahead by paying a balanced monthly payment. In mild winters the fixed monthly payment give you the chance to accrue a positive balance that can be applied to lower your next year’s monthly payment.

“I was skeptical of exactly how a level payment plan would work for me. I rented for a few years and basically paid for oil as I needed it. What I found myself doing was constantly monitoring the thermostat, because I didn’t want to use more oil than what I expected. When my wife was pregnant and we bought a house I joined the Level Payment Program. Now I don’t find myself constantly concerned with the thermostat temperature. Instead, my wife and child’s comfort is my top priority. Smith Propane & Oil provides that for me with this awesome program. Best utility decision I’ve made yet.” – R. Jones

Make Payments Predictable!

Smith Propane & Oil’s Level Payment Plan breaks your fuel bill into 10 affordable monthly payments, so your heating bills will always be predictable and manageable. We’ll calculate your rate based on past usage—and you’ll receive our cash rate all season long.

If you prefer, opt for our open-account plan. Open account customers get 30 days to pay interest-free, and receive cash discounts for payment in full within three days of delivery.

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