Professional fuel tank cleaning and maintenance in South Western Pennsylvania

Regular maintenance of your fuel tank can help you save money and reduce your fuel bills. You can count on Smith Propane for all your fuel tank cleaning needs. We service tanks in Westmoreland County and surrounding areas. Over time, sediment, sludge and rust can build up inside your oil tank, clogging filters, pumps and valves. This leads to clogged fuel lines and less heat.

When sediment makes it in to your equipment, your boiler or furnace will work harder and use more fuel to put out less heat.  And over time, these particles can do permanent damage to your heating system leading to costly repairs or even premature replacement.  But we've got you covered with our heating oil tank cleaning service.

Protect heating equipment with regular fuel tank cleaning.

Fuel tanks should be cleaned every three to five years to ensure lines are sludge-free. With decades of experience, Smith Propane and Oil has the knowledge and practice to keep your tanks sediment and sludge-free. Call us now for a free inspection of your basement or above-ground storage tanks.

We also sell and install new tanks.

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Our Level Payment enrollment period opens in May each year and runs for 10 months. Sleep warm and sound knowing there won't be an unexpected heating bill coming. And with our automatic delivery service, we'll monitor your fuel levels at no extra cost too. Stop worrying about your fuel levels with Smith Propane & Oil