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Let Smith Propane & Oil help you reduce your fuel bills with our economical propane payment plans.

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It’s hard to plan ahead. If you heat your home with propane, unpredictable weather that goes from mild to arctic can mean you never know when you might get hit with an unexpected fuel bill. To help you budget for propane costs—and even lower your monthly fuel bill—Smith Propane and Oil offers a convenient Level Payment Plan to help you save.

Level Payment Plan: Our Level Payment plan breaks your fuel bill into 10 affordable monthly payments from June through March, so your heating bills will always be predictable and manageable. And you are protected from fluctuations in the cost of oil. We'll calculate your rate based on past usage—and you'll receive our cash rate all season long.

Open Account: With this plan, we offer 30-day interest-free credit terms (credit approval required). Or, you can receive a CASH discount if payment is made within three business days of your fuel delivery.

Credit Cards: Pay with a major credit card and receive our cash discount price.

Post Dated Checks: Customers can also postdate checks up to 30 days after delivery (at the charge price).

Energy Assistance Payments: We gladly accept Energy Assistance payments from programs such as LIHEAP and CRISIS.

Applications for LIHEAP (Low-income Home Energy Assistance Program) 2022-2023 are open. You don’t have to be on public assistance, have an unpaid bill, and you can rent or own your home. See the link below for details and information on LIHEAP, eligibility requirements, and more:

LIHEAP Information Guide

Direct Debit Payment: Under this arrangement you permit us to automatically debit your checking account for the amount and date you stipulate. No more writing checks! Direct Debit is especially nice when dealing with regular, recurring payments, such as our Level Payment Plan. We just debit your account for the same amount, every month with no checks to write. And it’s free!

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Join Our Level Payment Plan & Automatic Delivery

Our Level Payment Plan enrollment period opens in June each year and runs for 10 months through March. Sleep warm and sound knowing there won't be an unexpected heating bill coming. And with our automatic delivery service, we'll monitor your fuel levels at no extra cost too. Stop worrying about your fuel levels with Smith Propane & Oil.