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Your commercial fueling partner in Pennsylvania, Northeast Ohio, Northern West Virginia and Northern Maryland

Smith Propane & Oil is a major supplier of motor fuels to resellers in Pennsylvania, Northeast Ohio, Northern West Virginia and Northern Maryland. This is because we offer competitive pricing, prompt, “market timed” deliveries and access to all major suppliers at terminals throughout the region.

We also offer:

  • Fixed Price Contracts for as little as 10 days or as long as 12 months*
  • Wholesale and Consignment Agreements (see below)
  • Equipment upgrades to help modernize your location*
  • Unbranded or branded options
  • Flexible payment terms

In today’s competitive retail environment. it is vital to portray the best possible image. Image consists of many things, but the major elements are modern equipment and competitive pricing. We can help you with both of these needs.

Supply Options

Spot Delivery: We quote a price delivered into your location for same-day or next-day delivery, and delivery is made with agreed payment terms. We do everything in our power to “market time” your delivery, based upon your instructions, for the best price. “Market time” means we either delay or expedite the loading of your delivery to coincide with the direction of the wholesale market, either up or down.

Wholesale Supply Agreement: A supply agreement is executed between Smith Propane and the retailer whereby Smith Propane invests in the retailer location for equipment upgrades (pumps, canopies, lighting, etc.) for supply of a set number of gallons over a mutually agreed upon time frame. Retailer volume requirements are required for this option.

Consignment Supply Agreement: Smith Propane is unique among fuel suppliers in offering this no-investment option for reselling fuel. It works like this: If the retailer location is approved by Smith Propane in regard to image, cleanliness, credit approval and volume, Smith Propane provides the fuel inventory to the retailer at no cost, retaining ownership of the fuel in the retailer’s tanks. The dealer then sells the fuel based on retail prices established by Smith Propane, and daily deposits all cash receipts from the prior day’s sales in a bank account established by Smith Propane. Similarly, all credit card sales are routed to the Smith Propane bank account. A weekly check is sent to the retailer for the gallons pumped for the prior week multiplied by an agreed upon commission for selling the fuel. Smith Propane pays all credit card transaction fees, and also offers the acceptance of the Smith Propane “Fleet Fueling Card,” which works just like a credit card. For these accounts, credit is established with the customer by Smith Propane, who assumes all responsibility for credit risk and billing. The retailer is paid commission on these gallons weekly the same as if they were cash transactions. In addition, solicitation of customers for the Smith Fleet Fueling Card is encouraged to help boost dealer sales. With a load of fuel now topping $25,000, this option is ideal for the retailer who wants to use his operating capital for other purposes. In addition, Smith Propane controls dealer inventories to prevent run-outs and to offer competitive street pricing to boost volume. Retailer volume requirements are required for this option.*

*Restrictions apply. Please call for details.

Branded Fuel Stations

Smith Propane & Oil has available premier branding options of major fuel suppliers including Sunoco and Sinclair. These programs allow you to acquire funding to re-image your location and have access to competitively-priced, guaranteed-supply of exclusive proprietary product. In addition, branding options provide turn-key branded image conversions, marketing support, and unique regional gasoline marketing programs.


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Smith Propane & Oil is your best source for commercial fueling. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will help you select the proper loaned equipment, set you up with a Pacific Pride account, offer value on bulk gasoline and diesel fuel deliveries, and much more.