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Q How can I use propane in my home?

A Propane is one of the most versatile fuels. It’s an effective and efficient way to operate all kinds of appliances in your home. It’s great for heating water, especially if you use a tankless water heater, which provides virtually unlimited hot water. Propane ranges and cooktops offer more precise temperature control than electric stoves, making them the favorite choice of professional chefs.

Additionally, propane fireplaces and log sets are easy to install—no chimney is needed—and offer all the charm and benefits of a wood fireplace without the mess, hassle or cleanup. You can also use a high-efficiency propane furnace to heat your entire home.

Best of all, propane offers great value. The more propane you use, the more money you’ll save, as the per-gallon price goes down with increased volume. Give us a call for additional ideas about how to use propane in your home.

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