Grilling and Thunderstorms

Father’s Day is in the past and the Fourth of July is in our future- the near future. Last week, we officially kicked off summer. It came with a bang as the temperature immediately jumped. Unfortunately, along with the heat, came heavy thunderstorms. We’ve seen plenty of rain so far this year. In fact, the Pittsburgh area has received more rain than Seattle and Houston. We’re not sure if that’ll be case at the end of the year, but we do know this: Summer, rain or shine, means barbecuing.

And barbecuing means gathering around to celebrate birthdays, holidays, and baseball. The Pirates have some work to do if they’re going to make the postseason, and with a beer in hand and a flame-grilled steak on the grill, you’ll be ready to cheer them on. If baseball isn’t your thing, maybe your soaking in the 2018 World Cup in Russia. The U.S. might not be in it, but the whole world is watching.

And to make sure you’re ready to cheer on the Bucs or your favorite team at the World Cup, we’ve got a few tips related to propane for you so the party never stops.

Refill your Propane Tank

Nothing will crash your barbecue faster than an empty propane tank. On a mid-size grill, a tank generally lasts between 18-20 hours in grilling. If you were grilling all last summer, chances are it’s time for an exchange or refill.

If you want a propane refill at a great price, you’re in luck. Now through the 4th, you can refill your 20# tanks for just 10 dollars at Smith Propane and Oil. Why is this a better option than exchanging? When you refill, you generally get more propane than when you exchange. Come see us at 138 Pandora Rd. in Loyalhanna to take advantage of the refill offer. But don’t wait! You only have until July 4th.

Let’s Talk Thunderstorms and Safety

A warm summer evening is something we look forward to all year. But sometimes that summer evening can quickly turn into a thunderstorm that shuts down your BBQ. It can also become a serious safety hazard causing flooding and power outages. It’s best to be prepared.

First, make sure you have a plan. Write down emergency contact numbers, including the number to your propane company. Make sure every member of your household has a copy. As part of your plan, include clear instructions for switching off you home’s propane supply and electricity.

If flooding or a power outage does occur and you can safely turn your propane valve off, make sure you do so. If conditions are unsafe, give your gas company a call. Attempting to turn your propane or electricity off when conditions aren’t safe isn’t worth the risk.

Taking advantages of all that summer has to offer is something we all look forward to. Make sure you get your tank filled and develop a plan to make safety a priority. If you have any questions, give us a call at 800.814.2822 or contact us online.