Ask Zac: Propane Benefits

Q: I’m thinking about switching to propane. What are the benefits? 

A: Propane’s versatility really can’t be overstated. For example, propane can heat water more than twice as fast as a standard electric unit, and propane water heaters cost less in maintenance and last longer than their electric counterparts. If you’re looking to keep the house cozy, a vented propane hearth delivers all the benefits of a wood-burning fireplace, without any of the prep or cleanup! 

For outdoor living spaces, propane can fuel the patio heater, the grill, outdoor lights and your firepit — making it possible to extend your summer’s start and end! Of course we can’t forget the convenience of propane generators, which can really make all the difference after a storm, or anytime you need to power appliances — or your whole home — without relying on the grid.