Personally Speaking: Seeing Some Light Ahead of Us

 Dear Friends, 

Thanks to vaccines we can see some light ahead of us. Like many of you, we’ve struggled to do our jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic. This past year has been a true test of our fortitude. 

Yet, our team kept customers warm despite dealing with many personal challenges themselves. We’ve always had a do-whatever-it-takes culture here. And it has served us well through the pandemic. 

For nearly 50 years now, we have been committed to responding to our customers’ needs. For example, if you’re considering investing in a propane generator, we can install the propane storage you’ll need for it — and provide the propane too! Unfortunately, we’re not able to control the rising cost of everything, including propane. As a result, we’ve had to update our potential propane charges. The best way to avoid additional costs is to sign up for contactless propane delivery or call us when your propane gauge reaches 30%. 

Please feel free to contact us, either by phone or through our website, if we can be of service to you. 

Be well. 

Dave Talmage, General Manager