Good News for Propane Customers

Dear Friends,

As we entered 2023, product inventory for propane remained at much stronger levels than heating oil and diesel fuel supplies. Plus, propane’s price increases so far have been less than virtually all other fuels.

Providing further peace of mind, propane continues to be a much more reliable energy source than the aging electric grid, which is prone to power outages, leaving some folks in the dark and without heat for long periods.

In terms of heating oil, although prices have retreated from their painful peak last fall, we continue to face the same frustrating challenges of an extremely volatile energy market.

We have been taking care of our customers for many years. There are things we can’t control, but we will always go the extra mile to keep you safe and warm. And we will be there when you need us to fill your oil or propane tank.

Dave Talmage, General Manager