Personally Speaking: The right to choose your heating source

As you are most likely aware, there is much debate over how our country should move forward in providing clean energy. As an environmentally conscious company, we’re excited about the path that both propane and heating oil are taking toward becoming carbon-neutral renewable fuels, meaning they will add no new carbon to the atmosphere when burned. 

That’s why it’s frustrating to us that government officials in the Commonwealth have chosen to ignore this potential and instead focus primarily on supporting conversions to electric heat pumps. 

These rapid, mass-scale heat pump conversions will put a tremendous new strain on our fragile electric grid, which isn’t close to ready to handle such a heavy load. There is a well-justified fear that, if we don’t slow down, we’ll experience rolling blackouts during extreme cold or oppressive heat — not to mention sky-high electric bills! 

The point is, it’s not wise to put all our energy eggs in one basket. Electric heat pumps are not the only solution. Plus, they often can’t keep homes warm enough during sustained freezing temperatures. Above all, homeowners should always have the right to choose their heating source. The Commonwealth should not not force them into something that may not work for them. 

We encourage you to tell your elected officials in Harrisburg to come up with a more practical, balanced energy plan for Pennsylvania.

Dave Talmage, General Manager